ModernDaySins Mona Azar - Idle Fantasies: Hold 'Er Steady

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206   1 year ago
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206   1 year ago
Mona Azar is relieved as she brings Billy Boston, a plumber, into her kitchen. She's been having issues with her sink and, on top of a recent divorce, she just doesn't have time to deal with that AND everything else on her plate.

Billy assures her that he'll take care of the problem but there are hints that he wants to take care of more than just a leaky faucet. He does a couple of seemingly routine things, though it becomes pretty obvious that he's only stalling for more time with Mona. Once she catches on, she's flattered by his attention and lustful stares, but insists that if he wants her that badly, he doesn't need to string her along...

Billy eagerly puts his toolbelt aside as he focuses instead on servicing Mona. He starts off by diving face-first into her pussy and Mona is happy to return the favor by sucking his cock. Once they're both ready, they climb onto the counter and Mona plays cowgirl as she rides Billy for everything he's worth.

Whether or not the sink ultimately gets fixed, at least they'll get THEIR fix.
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